The weeks are speeding up and my mind is starting to wrap itself around the concept of spring. Fractions of it appear in small moments every day and even stepping out into -15 yesterday held a faint promise of a finale.

This winter has been long, but also especially stagnating. Last year, I had much more on my plate — so much freelance work and also many more schemes cooking. And it feels of late that I'm not up to much. So I hear about people taking classes and figuring things out and feel a little apart from that kind of engagement. Which is all to say, that I've become a little bored with myself.

I'm not going home this year so jumped keenly on reading this: On not going home. But I found that it didn't quite capture the experience for me. I don't think that I've "made a home" here in Canada, but that "Home" is Ireland. Rather, I think of concurrent concepts of home; both entirely possible, each desirable in its own right. One I inherited, the other I fought for — both powerful connections. One now a present-tense life and the other etched on my bones. Maybe it speaks to the wonderfulness of Canada that these feelings do not compete in me, one does not threaten the other. My sense of home is as much as introspective ideal as a geographical one -- so that both the phenomena and noumena of place are really distinct from my own feelings of home and of belonging. I wouldn't be me without either home. I don't intend to try to be.

Some other links: Normcore fashion. I don't really blog fashion week posts, but I do follow the shows vaguely. Etro and Dries were my absolute favourite. I don't have a tattoo, but I think this one is exceptionally beautifulAmanda Brooks on The Selby might be my favourite yet.

So... A new month and a new moon looms and it's the perfect time to commit to something. A new look perhaps? A new skill of some kind? The all-too-frequent recommitment to health and fitness that never really seems to take steady and firm hold? I'll think about all of that this weekend...

Have a good one, everyone!


  1. Jane-

    Have a good weekend, too. :)

    PS- Amanda B.'s home and farm made my heart skip a beat. Also...when asked about what living in England has taught her...I loved Amanda's response. " How much being outside contributes to my general well being." Couldn't have said it better myself.

    Martha B.

    1. Thanks Martha - hope you had a lovely weekend!

  2. What a lovely photo, I always struggle to take good photos of my home, but this seems to be a really inviting shot- with a little peek of kitchen. One's sense of home is a very capricious thing, I've found- I tend to refer to any place as 'home' if it's just where my stuff is (even when travelling abroad and staying in a hotel, I''ll say 'let's go home' when I mean the hotel. I like the idea that you consider both Ireland and Canada to be home- much better than feeling like neither are home. I bet with the crazy cold winter here, you've been craving a turf fire? I haven't been to Ireland in a while, but that's what I remember about cooler weather- how delightful a turf fire can be.

    1. I do miss turf fires, but also the smell of Guinness and coal over Dublin, which is what I really remember from my young years. And the smell of the salty sea rain. Yup, Ireland is a nice place... But if I was there, I'd be moaning about no "proper" winter...


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